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Founded in 2006, EVANGELISTA ARTISTS is an international agency for artist management and sees itself as a provider of special services for the music, arts and culture sector. We work in the area of artist marketing as well as in the field of development and putting into action of marketing and PR campaigns. We offer to our artists and clients the highest standard of personal management, connected with an unique choice of services at the level of highest competence and quality.

We proudly present a fine selection of extraordinary classical musicians. Some of them are young talents poised for an international career, others are well-known names that have been speaking for themselves for decades.
Solid ken, excellent industry knowledge, and long experience in the placement between artists, stage, film and television allow us a first-class service. Our aim is the long term careful artist development, bringing the artists together with the right contacts and lead them up to essential tasks, performances and roles at important, international stages and by that means to set up a long standing and successful career for the artists. Our competences go far beyond pure artist placement activities. The development of the career, professional and individual support as well as the support of young talents are part of our basic concepts. We are the compass on the way to success.

The artist with his talent and his human qualities is in the focus of our thinking and acting.

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